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School Council

At Elton Primary School, we have a successful school council which is made up of a group of elected pupils who are there to represent the views of all students and to improve their school.

Our pupils are encouraged to be put forward as elected members of the school council and elections are held every Autumn term.

About our School Council

" I like helping my friends to do DREAM TEAM" - Jaime, Year 1.

" I want to speak for the people" - Asa, Year 2.

"I wanted to be a school councillor because it sounded like fun. I want to help people to learn" - Scarlett, Year 2.

"I wanted to be a school councillor because I want my parents to be proud" - Phoebe, Year 3.

"As school councillor, I would like to help other people make friends" - Chloe, Year 3.

"I wanted to be a school councillor to get respect from my friends and classmates" - Adam, Year 4.

"I like to have a challenge and I can help my friends" - Morgan, Year 5.

"I wanted to be on the school council because it is different and I can share my friends opinions" - Ellie, Year 5.

"I want to be heard and put mine and my friends ideas across" - Harry, Year 6.

"I wanted to express my ideas and make the school better. I would also like to make the children smile more" - Connie, Year 6.

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