Global Learning

The Global Learning Programme is a funded programme of support that is helping teachers in Primary, Secondary and Special schools to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues. It dovetails well with the P4C curriculum that we have embraced for the last 2 years, and shows that we as a school community committed to equipping our pupils to make a positive contribution to a globalised world.

The GLP supports our school to meet Ofsted requirements. It supports us in our delivery of Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural education and helps us teach our children how to respond positively to the current focus on British values. But for us, most importantly, it improves pupil engagement, knowledge, skills and values and helps them on their journey into adulthood in a globalised world.


Children who are taught within the GLP become more engaged in lessons and learning, gain deeper curriculum knowledge and understanding, improve their enquiry and critical thinking skills, acquire better knowledge and understanding of global issues and international development, learn about globalisation, inequality and global poverty, have the opportunity to take part in discussions about development and global learning issues, explore their values and how they impact on others, have the opportunity to listen to, and gain an understanding of and respect for, different voices and perspectives, question viewpoints and challenge stereotypes.


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Elton Primary School
School Lane, Elton,
Cheshire CH2 4LT
Headteacher: Mr Kevin Manning
Main Contact: Miss E Jackson, Mrs C Davies or Mrs K Henderson
SENCO - Mrs Samantha Higginson