The Anti-bullying Alliance: with access to lots of resources to support anti-bullying work in schools, both at strategic and curriculum delivery levels

Childline (KS2-5)

‘Lets Fight it Together ‘(Cyberbullying DVD) KS2-3

Kidscape: (KS1-4)


Childnet (KS1-4)

Stonewall: (KS1-4)

BeatBullying: (KS1-4)


CEOP/ Police Alerts

A free mobile app ‘ooVoo’ is being used indecently to groom, harass or otherwise distress children. We have reason to believe that the app has in some cases been hijacked by those seeking to make indecent approaches to children. The app is free to download and allows users to ‘video chat’ to up to 12 people at once.

School Safety

Here at Elton Primary School, we take all aspects of school safety seriously. Pupils are taught and encouraged to ensure they look after themselves as well as their peers and maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

Stranger Safety

Our pupils are taught to be safe both with strangers and people they know. We encourage this through various classroom sessions and we find this increases children's confidence and develops competence in a way that is fun, but not scary.

We recommend for further stranger safety advice to log onto: . This website provides rescource to parents and carers on teaching your child to be safe in and out of school.

We are strongly aware of the technological advances that surround us with the opportunities and benefits they can provide to us. However, we believe that this must be backed up with robust and dynamic procedures within school to protect the users of the technology.

We have our own e-policy which all pupils and staff have to agree to adhere to by clicking "OK" before they can proceed to work on a school i-pad or computer.

A group of our KS2 pupils have made the following video of our e-policy rules.

Please find below some useful links for relevant year groups that would provide extra information and some fun too!


Years 1&2

Year 3

Years 4&5

Year 6

Electrical Safety

We were fortunate enough to have Scottish Power Energy Networks come to school at the start of the school year to deliver a fun and interactive way for our pupils to learn about the dangers of electricity both in indoor and outdoor environments. This training reinforced to all pupils the importance of electrical safety.

Please click on the attached PDF from Scotish Power to see what topics were covered.

First Aid

St. John Ambulance research shows that 7 out of 10 pupils wouldn’t know what to do if someone they knew was hurt, and yet the majority say they would like to learn first aid and they believe that every young person should have the chance to learn vital life saving skills.

That's why we welcome St. John Ambulance to Elton Primary School to teach our pupils (mainly year 6) the skills, knowledge and confidence to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

The one day course covers accident prevention as well as how to treat allergic reactions, seizures, low blood sugar, head injuries, sprains, choking and finally how to administer CPR.


During the school term, we arrange a Bikeability course for our year 5 and 6 pupils. Bikeability is "cycling proficiency" for the 21st century and is designed to give our pupils the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on today's roads.

Further information on Bikeability can be found by visiting


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