Books, The Perfect Christmas Present

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 12:20pm

Christmas provides a perfect opportunity for children to develop their enthusiasm for reading. Our top tips can help families keep on track with reading over the holidays, spread the festive cheer and spend some quality time together with some fantastic stories!

1) One of the most important things you can do as a parent is let your child see you reading!

Not only will they begin to imitate your behaviour, but it can also help create a strong reading for pleasure culture in your home!

2) Allow your child to listen to the same books again and again!

Children like repetition and re-reading the same books they enjoy gives them an opportunity to practice reading out loud with fluency and expression.

3) Engage your child with many activities involving reading throughout the holidays!

Reading recipes and cooking not only makes reading fun, but also provides a great way of spending quality time together.

4) Create a visual chart to record your child’s reading achievements throughout the holidays!

This is a great was to motivate your child and give them a sense of accomplishment. Allow your child to bring them in to school so we can celebrate their achievements. 

5) Make reading a regular part of your child’s bedtime routine!

Even if time cannot be found for reading together every evening through the festive period, there’s still plenty of opportunities to engage with programmes, such as CBeebies Bedtime Stories, every night at 6:50pm.This is an activity which can continue long after children have returned to school!

6) Encourage your children to read together!

Not only will older children gain an opportunity to practice reading with fluency and expression, but they will become important role models encouraging their younger siblings to also enjoy simple stories.

7) Help your child choose books which extend their natural fields of interest!

Your local library is a great place to start when it comes to selecting books at the appropriate reading level, and your child’s teachers will also be happy to help guide your choices.

8) Don’t forget audio books!

They can help make literature much more accessible, and not only for struggling readers. Children develop important listening skills and are able to engage with material and vocabulary above their reading level.

9) Play word games with your child!

Tongue twisters are not just fun, they help children develop the phonemic skills they need to become fluent readers.

10) Help your child read and write their own cards!

Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for children to practice their literacy skills whilst reading and writing cards for their friends and family.

 And final give the gift of a book!

There is no better present for your children to open on Christmas Day than a book. As gifts, their impact can last a lifetime!

Click the link to see some sugestions of book that are great for Reception age children:


Here are some suggestions of books that are great for reception children to enjoy by Pie Corbett.

 pie 1.jpgpie 2.jpgpie 3.jpgpie 4.jpg


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